College Athletes Elevate Their Game With Sport Psychology

Based in Brentwood, TN, our sport psychology practice serves college athletes throughout the greater Nashville metro area reach their full potential and balance their daily life. 


Your Mental Game

With Confidence

Are you experiencing:


Burnout from having to juggle class, practice, travel, and homework


Discouraged by poor connections with coaches or teammates


Difficulty adjusting to life away from home, a new school, or higher level of competition


Anxiety about your performance and fulfilling your true potential

How Sport Psychology Can Help College Athletes:



If you are recovering from an injury or working your way back into sport, we can help you manage this stressful situation, regain trust in your body, and use your mind to enhance your recovery. Our mental recovery program makes the rehab process more productive and prepares you for being ready once you are cleared to play.




As a college athlete, you face many unique challenges. We will help you develop and train your mental game to handle the setbacks, obstacles, and adversity you encounter everyday. We can help you manage and overcome these challenges and maximize your potential, in and out of sport.




College athletes typically want to fulfill their potential, perform their best, enjoy the final phase of their athletic career, or position themselves to advance to the next level. That’s why we help college athletes enhance their mental game, giving them the competitive edge they need to overcome daily challenges, consistently perform their best, and pursue their dreams in and out of their sport.

We Help College Athletes


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A Message from Tim

As an elite athlete you have already had some success in your career. But like most elite athletes, you probably still have bigger goals you are trying to reach. Maybe that’s holding up that championship trophy, becoming a scholarship athlete, competing for Olympic medals, or even signing a life-changing professional contract.

Unfortunately, many elite athletes run into obstacles along the way. Perhaps you are in great physical shape but your mental game is struggling. You may be experiencing mental blocks, performance anxiety, issues with perfectionism, or you are afraid to make mistakes.

Maybe your obstacle is a past injury or a recent surgery. Many injured athletes spend a lot of time worrying about the future and getting back to the athlete they were before they got hurt. These situations involve a lot of uncertainty; most elite athletes naturally don’t like uncertainty.

We know how disappointing it is to train for months on end only to come up short. We’ve been that athlete whose mental game gave us the edge one day and was our worst enemy the next.

White House Sport Psychology is dedicated to elite athletes who want to train their brain and build their mental game.

We are here to help you develop a performance mindset that helps you do things like, regain your mental edge, take your talents to the next level, and trust your body to stay healthy and hold up to months of training, practice, and competition.

Ultimately, competing in sport is both a physical and mental experience. But, the mind controls the body. Without a strong mind, your body can only do so much.

We are here to help you unlock your mental game so you can unleash your true athletic potential, overcome the obstacles that are in your way, and achieve your goals.

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Getting Started With White House Sport Psychology Is Simple:


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Get to work

We'll develop a personalized plan to help you perform at your very best.


Elevate your game

We'll help you strengthen your mental game so you can compete at the highest level.

Why People Choose White House Sport Psychology:


“Tim taught me some techniques to help with anxiety and relaxation. I found them useful and helpful. I appreciate his knowledge and application of progressive muscle relaxation exercises to use during difficult times.”

– Chris W.


“Having someone who understands both the physical and mental issues one faces when dealing with an injury is a real plus. Recovery is more complete. White House Sports Psychology provides both in a patient and caring manner. Thank you!”

– Ken W.

Sport Psychology & Performance Services for College Athletes

Sports Performance

  • Stress / Pressure
  • Overthinking
  • High Expectations
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of failure
  • Afraid to make mistakes
  • Distractions


  • Pain Management
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Isolation & Loneliness due to injury
  • Motivation Issues
  • Fear of re-injury
  • Regaining trust in your body
  • Return to sport
  • Regaining previous level of performance
  • Concussion Recovery


  • Team culture
  • Team cohesion
  • Team dynamics & relationships with teammates
  • Athlete / Coach relationships
  • Team roles & responsibilities

Dr. White is able to conduct all services at his office in Nashville, TN and is available for travel & virtual sessions based on the needs of the individual or organization’s needs.

Traditional Mental Health Services for College Athletes

  • ADHD / ADD
  • Anxiety
  • Self-Harm
  • Depression
  • Grief & Loss
  • Family Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Communication Issues
  • Anger management
  • Eating Disorders
  • OCD
  • Testing & Evaluation

      “Working with Dr. Tim gave me confidence in my training, which led to confidence in the ring. Each session he gave me practical and insightful tips to implement. Tips that worked! I highly recommend White House Athletics and their training!”

      Mike R.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What sports do you work with?

      At WHSP we work with athletes competing in ALL sports including: 

      • Team sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Softball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, etc.)
      • Individual sports (Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics, Diving, Figure Skating, Swimming, Running/CC/T&F, Triathlon, Ski/Snowboard, Mixed Martial Arts, etc.)
      • Other sports (X-Games/Extreme sports, CrossFit Games, Equestrian, Climbing, Free Diving, Jockey/Horse racing, etc.)
      • We also work with adaptive athletes and teams competing in more traditional sports as well as sports specifically designed for their abilities.
      Are you able to help with mental health concerns such as mood disorders, personality disorders, and others?

      Yes, as a licensed psychologist I am trained to work with different mental health concerns that can be formally diagnosed such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, and more. In addition, I am able to help with day-to-day challenges such as family relationships, difficult coaches or teammates, overwhelming stress and more.


      How long are your sessions?

      The first appointment is typically 60-75 minutes long. Follow-up appointments are usually 45-50 minutes.

      The fulfillment of services with organizations may vary, and won’t necessarily follow the above structure.

      How often do you typically meet with clients?

      We usually meet with clients every 1-2 weeks. Every so often a client will need more frequent appointments (e.g. twice per week) or they will need to spread their appointments out over a longer period of time (e.g. once per month). We will talk about your needs and how often we should meet to care for your needs.


      What does a typical session look like for an individual athlete?

      I like to combine two main things in my sessions. 

      • 1st – Talking through your concerns and helping you develop a deeper understanding of not only what is bothering you but also why it is troubling you.
      • 2nd – Teaching and practicing mental skills and strategies that you can use to help you manage stress, pressure, and high expectations in your sport as well as in everyday life. 
      Are you able to help an injured athlete?

      Yes, in fact, the mental side of injury, surgery, and long-term rehab is a specialty of mine. I combine my first career (sports medicine) with my current career (sport psychology) to help injured athletes improve their mind-body connection so that they can recover better, faster, and be more prepared to return to their sport.


      How do you help an athlete “get out of their head”, reduce mental errors, and improve their performance?

      We teach our clients many different mental skills and strategies they can use to help them find the optimal level of focus, attention, and energy when playing their sport. Every athlete is different and every situation is different so there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Instead, we tailor the mental skills and strategies we teach our clients to fit their needs so that they have the tools they need to improve their performance regardless of the situation or circumstances.


      Do you work with athletes at this age or level?

      Many of our clients compete at the elite levels of their sport, however, we also work with younger and less experienced athletes such as those competing at the high school and middle school level.


      Do you offer diagnostic testing for ADHD?

      Yes, whether you looking to clarify IF you (or your child) live with ADHD or you (or your child) already have a diagnosis and need to update it, we can complete the testing you need to formally confirm (or not) an ADHD diagnosis. 

      • NOTE: Completing the testing process is an evaluation and does NOT automatically mean you (or your child) will receive an ADHD diagnosis. 
      • NOTE: For athletes who are subject to drug testing protocols, our testing process includes the elements that you need to receive a medical exemption for various medications that are often used to treat ADHD
      Do you tell parents or coaches about the things you are talking about with their child/athlete?

      We encourage our clients to talk to their parents about the things they are doing in our sessions. This improves communication between the child and parent, reduces uncertainty, and increases comfort for everyone involved. IF needed and/or appropriate, we will review standard privacy practices/laws with the athlete and determine how to provide additional information to their parent/coach.


      We are dedicated to elite athletes who want to enhance their mental game. We teach athletes how to develop and train their mindset so they can set themselves apart, maximize their performance, recover from injuries faster, and win more often.